refurbishing and building

Due to the ever-increasing demand, the range of affordable properties is getting smaller and smaller. With this background, more and more buyers decide to completely renovate a house or to buy a developed building plot to build a new one. The prices for these plots, which often range in size from 150 – 300 m2, roughly correspond to a cheap plot of land with a size of at least 15,000 m2 on which a single-family house could be built. Why should I now, for a comparable price, acquire such a much smaller property? A plot in the country usually has to be completely developed first, which means that there are high extra costs for drilling a deep well (if it can be approved) for the water supply, building a water and waste water storage tank and, last but not least, an appropriately designed photovoltaic system. It now takes an average of around 2 years for the local authorities to issue a construction license for Bir. In contrast, rural building plots are fully developed, i.e. water and sewage connections, a stable power supply and fiber optic internet connection are already available. Licenses are also issued much faster. Below you can see 2 projects I am currently executing on behalf of a customer as well as a completed project.

With more than 25 years of experience in the construction and real estate sector on Mallorca, I am available to interested buyers with my expertise and my network of local architects, contractors and craftsmen. If this topic has aroused your interest, please make an appointment with me.

Refurbishing proyect townhouse Maria de la Salut

Complete refurbishing of a townhouse with pool building, roof renovation, new wiring and plumming, new kitchen and bathrooms

Refurbishing project townhouse Sineu

Complete renovation of a townhouse with new roof, new wiring and plumming, new kitchen and bathrooms, small pool building